Get Your Business Back on Track in 2014!

Agent RisingHow do you get your real estate business back on track for 2014?

In the real estate business, it is easy to keep certain parts moving along that scream for your attention, but just maintain the rest that doesn't need so much of your time right now. This tends to support the feast or famine cycle and larger fluctuations in your business. When you take advantage of the tools available to you to keep everything moving alone when things get busy, you' ll see less fluctuations in your business.

Take advantage of scheduling your email marketing and social media. For example, write a whole week of blog posts, and schedule them to publish on a consistent schedule to keep you in the forefront of social media and marketing.

Content is king. Try to write engaging, interesting content that sells your product without the client realizing you are selling them something, Keep it light and simple and entertaining. Post fresh content if you can and link them to your website to read more. Google picks up on this.

It's true that you cannot write a whole months worth of work and sit back and do nothing for the rest of the month, but you can put aside time every week to keep your cycle running and schedule what will go out for the week. Then you can spend the rest of the week focusing on work and responding to what your social media generates. Keeping it flowing is a lot easier than stopping and starting time and time again.

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