New Year Resolution Tips!

agent rising tips for new yearsWe've all done it, started the year with a strong resolution that slowly fizzles out by March? This year we're outlining some resolutions  and ways you can stick to it!

1~Exercise! Isn't this everyones go to resolution? How can you stick to it this year compared to other years? We suggest investing in a pedometer, and wear it every day! Doing something that will hold you accountable every day will help keep you on track!

2~ Drink more water! Who couldn't benefit from drinking more water? Instead of going through several disposable water bottles every day, buy a nice refillable water bottle. Fill it up before you leave the house in the morning and make sure you drink it throughout the day! 

3~ Get more sleep! It seems that every day people complain about being tired but then stay up late doing unimportant things! Make sure you are getting a full 8 hours a night. Studies suggest turning off electronics can help you decompress and get ready for sleep. Try reading, meditating or some light stretching before bed! Another thing that can help… skip your afternoon coffee!

4~ Eat better! Instead of calling it a diet think of eating healthier in general or making a life change. Don't restrict yourself from food, just be more conscious of what you're putting in your mouth! If you're going out to dinner on Friday, try to be extra healthy during the week. Small changes will add up to loosing pounds! 

5~ Do something for yourself! Our last tip is really important, so many people put everyone else before themselves. This year focus on what will make you happy. Go for a massage, or a weekend away with friends. Make sure you take time out of your busy schedule and enjoy 2014!     


We hope everyone has a HAPPY and SAFE New Year! 



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