Relationships Are Important!

building relationshipsRelationships are important in most sales professions, but even more so in real estate. This is definitely a contact sport!

Never pass up an opportunity to network and get to know the other agents who work in your geographical area.
Whether this is through your local Realtor association activities, office events, or individual one-on-one contact that you initiate, it is essential. When you are involved in a real estate transaction there is nearly always someone representing the other party, and if that agent is someone you know, chances are the transaction will go smoother.
Who can you help? Can you coach your child's team? Does your town need Planning Board or other committee members?
Is there a soup kitchen nearby? Three things happen when you volunteer: You meet some people, you help some people and you feel better about yourself! When any of those that you have impacted need a Realtor...who do you think they will turn to? YOU!
The complexity of modern real estate transactions means that there may be several other professionals involved as well. Appraisers, home inspectors, lenders, plumbers, electricians, attorneys and many more, could all become essential to your buyer or seller achieving their goals.
BE ORIGINAL~ Follow up and connect on social sites like Facebook, Google + and LinkedIn right after you establish their relationships. Be nice to fellow Realtors with a personalized Dunkin Donuts card, wear your company t shirt when you volunteer, always be networking!
Grow your professional relationships - start with your own office and work outward. At least once a week, meet a colleague for coffee, attend an office meeting or function, go to a Realtor networking event. Volunteer somewhere! Solidify the relationship with a follow up personal note letting the person know how much you enjoyed your time with them and that you hope to work with them in the future.

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