Why should you encourage your sellers to list their house during the holidays?

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The holidays are stressful enough without adding selling a house to the mix, but there are some valid reasons why you should consider encouraging your sellers to put their house on the market during the holidays rather than after. Holiday shoppers are serious buyers or they wouldn't be taking the time to look over the holidays. Also,there are less houses on the market in December. Some people take their houses off the market and others are waiting until January to put theirs on. This makes their house more desirable. Once January comes, there will be much more inventory for buyers to choose from.
Houses always look better over the holidays. Buyers tend to be more emotional and a tastefully decorated house might just be what they are looking for. Other buyers may need to buy before the end of the year for tax purposes or because they may need to move to accommodate a new job at the beginning of the new year.
Many buyers are also on vacation during the holidays and have more time for house hunting. You can help your clients keep some peace through the month by controlling their showings by making it unavailable during the Christmas week to give them time with their family during the holidays and delay the closing until the New Year. This will also help you keep your sanity and enjoy time with your family as well. Another benefit is if they will be looking for a new house, they will not have to worry about a contingency, which usually makes their offer less enticing.
Make your plans now and enjoy the holidays, as well as successfully helping your seller move their house in this busy season.
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