Attitude is Everything!

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Attitude is Everything!

Your attitude is the first thing people pick up on in face-to-face communication.  Your attitude drives your behavior and how others respond to you.  Before you say a word, your attitude has already sent a message.  Would you rather be around someone, and give them your business, who is welcoming, warm, enthusiastic and supportive, or someone who is sarcastic, impatient, pessimistic and rude?

Your mind and your body are one system, change one, and the other will follow.  Your attitude at the start of every day will go a long way towards determining what your day will be like.  Make a habit of starting every day with a positive attitude.  How?  Exclaim out loud, "I love myself." or "I love my life."  When you find yourself in the middle of a bad attitude, physically stop what you are doing and acknowledge what your bad attitude is, then make a conscious effort to change it.

Some of our favorite attitudes are:

Enthusiasm - it is hypnotic, magnetic and unstoppable.  It infects others with feelings of excitement, energy and vitality.

Curiosity - keeps you evolving and moving forward.  Curiosity about others lets them know that you care.

Humility - your success should not be worn on your sleeve.  Others will see greatness in you without you pointing it out.


Do frequent attitude checks - make it a habit to check in with yourself several times a day and check your attitude.  Does it need adjustment?  If so, state out loud what you want your attitude to be and adjust it!



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