Expanding Your Database at Open House

openhousedatabaseAnother simple way to add to your database is to create relationships at open houses.
There are many reasons why someone attends an open house. They may be interested
in that particular property, or they may simply be trying to get an idea of the current market
or the neighborhood. Whatever reason brings them there, they are definitely interested in real
estate and you should try to establish a professional relationship with them before they slip away.

Introduce yourself to everyone who walks in the door. Have a required sign-in sheet for security and
to establish whether they are currently working with another real estate agent. Towards the end of their
visit, re-establish a rapport with them by asking their impression of the house and whether it fits their needs. Some simple questions, such as: Are you familiar with this neighborhood? Is this the price range you are
looking in? Do you have a timeframe for buying a home? Do you have another home to sell? should give
you lots of information about them and their needs.

Give them information of value to take with them. You can use the same consumer informtion you have already put together for other potential clients. Ask if they think that information is helpful and if you could add them to your list of people that you send info to on a regular basis. New contact found!

Do Open Houses on a regular basis
Volunteer to do them for other agents in your office. Try to add at least 5 new contacts to your database every month from open houses.



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