Turning Customers Into Contacts

contactsNow that you have been actively increasing your database, it is time to turn those contacts
into customers. Of course, not all of them will become your customer and it is important to
be able to discern those who potentially will in order to maximize your effort. One of the best
way to do this is to rate their level of motivation with a brief personal phone call or drop by
visit. Since you have already sent them a personal note and an item of value about the market,
they know you and are already beginning to trust you.

Again, this contact only needs to be brief. Express that you were in the neighborhood, or were
thinking of them and wanted to say hello. Give them a quick update about the market: Do they
know that mortgage rates are at an all time low and home prices are starting to rise? Let them
talk and you listen. More than likely they will give you clues as to their level of interest in real estate
at this time. Express how great it was to touch base and encourage them to call you if there is ever
anything that you can do for them.

After your call or visit, take a minute to rate their level of motivation. If their motivation level is high, then they are someone that you definitely want to follow
up with again soon. If you felt they were only slightly interested in your conversation about real estate, then they are someone you want to keep in touch with
but not be bothersome to - probably every few months. If they had no interest in hearing from you about real estate, then it is probably best to put them in the
category of contacting them annually just to remind them that you are a real estate agent and how best to contact you.

Call or drop by ten contacts each week and rate their motivation level. Resulting in all of your contacts being designated with high, medium or low motivation.



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