Starting A Seller Relationship

sellerrelationshipThe key to developing a relationship with a seller and possibly getting their listing is preparedness.  If you have been actively courting your leads by providing them with value items and keeping in touch, then they already see you as a potential listing agent for their home.  Now it is time to become their listing agent.

Your listing appointment and presentation will be a success if you are prepared!  There is a good chance that you already know something about the seller, now is the time (before your listing appointment) to find out as much you can about their home.  You could make a pre-listing appointment, or you could ask your questions over the phone. What you are trying to do is confirm and then supplement information that is available through public records.

Remember to be enthusiastic and focused.  Don't try to impress the seller, other than genuinely being you. You are asking these questions to insure that your time with them is valuable and informative and that your analysis of the market value of their home is realistic.


Develop a list of questions to ask pre-listing appointment - these might include:

Why do you want to move? Do you have a specific time frame that needs to be met? What do you feel your home is currently worth? How much do you owe on your home? What are some unique features of your home? Have you made many upgrades? Do you feel your home is in good shape, inside and out, and will show nicely? If not, what might need work?



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