Essentials For Your Listing Appointment

essentialsYou generated the lead. You have done your homework by finding out as much about the home as you can in your pre-listing interview. You have used your local MLS to find comparable homes in comparable areas. You have developed a marketing plan for this home. You have a listing price that you have complete confidence in and you have all of your talking points lined up as to why this is the price that will get your seller their highest return without leaving the home on the market too long, and it includes some room for negotiation. Now you are ready for your listing presentation with your potential seller.

First you MUST be on time and be dressed like the professional that you are. If you have not already seen the home completely, ask to do so. At the beginning of your presentation, inform the seller of what you plan to cover. Explain how the market works and how you work. Remember you are asking them to let you represent them and their home - probably their biggest asset they own and one of their most important and stressful happenings in their life. it is important that you exude calm confidence in yourself and that their home will sell.

When you tell them what you feel is the best price to list their home at, do it quickly and confidently. Be ready to answer their questions on why you feel this is the best price so that they have realistic expectations. If they want to overprice their home, refocus them on their goals and put them in a potential buyer's shoes. Educate the seller on how commissions are paid and on your negotiating skills. You need to be in the driver's seat, but they need to feel that they are navigating with you.

Create a listing presentation even if you don't have a potential seller yet, pretend that you do. Using your own home, or a friend's, go through the whole process of developing a marketing plan, coming up with a price and the talking points to support it, then actually make the presentation to someone and get their feedback. Were you professional? Confident? Did you explain how you and the market both work to their satisfaction? Do this a number of times until you feel confident and professional. Now you are ready!

No one gets every listing that they make a presentation on. When you don't get a listing, be sure to call and ask why. It can only help you improve.



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