Identifying Your Sales Styles

salesstyleYou have your own sales style which is just as unique as you are.  However, you probably fit into one of two types of sales people, either a Motivator or a Facilitator.

Motivators are more verbal.  They are not hesitant to express why they think a purchase is right for a particular buyer, and are able to create a dynamic purchase experience.  They actively "work the deal" until they are successful.  Unfortunately, they can sometimes be perceived as being pushy.

Facilitators are better listeners.  Their goal is to provide as much information as possible so that the purchaser can come to their own decision.  They are respectful and encourage other opinions and work towards helping the buyer achieve their goal.  They can sometimes be seen as too passive while they wait for decisions to be made.

Clients can also be categorized as primarily either a Motivator or a Facilitator.  If you have more than one client involved, you might have one of each.  This means you may have to adjust your normal style to better work with each one.

Ask questions Ask five different people to describe to you a sales experience that they have had that left either a good or bad impression on them.  Listen closely to their response and determine whether they were working with a motivator or a facilitator, and which one they are.  This can be done with clients as well, just explain that you are trying to determine how best to work with them.



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