What Is Your Body Saying?

bodylanguageBody Language accounts for more than half of what other people respond to,
or make assumptions about, when they are observing or conversing with you.
That is significant! What is your body saying? What unconscious signals are
you sending to others about yourself? What response is your body sending
in response to the signals they are sending you?

At the most basic level, all body language can be described as either open or
closed. If you are displaying openness, you are displaying your heart and being
welcoming. Physically, the trunk of your body is open to others, your arms and
legs are uncrossed and your head is up. If you are displaying closed body
language, your arms and/or legs are crossed and you are looking down or away.
Even though your message is an unconscious one, it is still getting through and
creating a very definite impression on others.


Practice showing open body language
For one day, point your heart at the heart of everyone that you meet.
This will demonstrate open body language and build trust and comfort.



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