To Say or Not To Say

nosayHave you thought about what some small common word choices could really be saying about you to others? Do you fill your conversations with word fillers? Do you even know if you do?

We don't always hear ourselves the way others do, so you may need some help if you are unconsciously making word choices that are hindering your success rather than helping.

Filler words are words that you intersperse throughout your sentences without thought. "Um" is a filler word that makes you sound indecisive and inarticulate. Using "like" as a filler can make you sound incompetent and shows poor communication skills. Are there others that you use?

The word "can't" actually tells your listener that you just won't or don't know how. The word "but" makes everything you said before it ring untrue. It is best to replace it with "and" or rephrase what you want to say. The word "no" has such a negative impact that it should be replaced with a more conciliatory phrase like "I wish could" or "Unfortunately, that's not possible." And, the word "never" can be very discouraging as it eliminates any possibility.

Sharpen your word choices Pay particular attention to your conversational speech and try to determine what poor word choices you are using. Let someone close to you know what you are doing as they might be able to pick up on some that you are unaware of. Come up with alternative words or phrasing to replace those poor word choices and practice using them!



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