Mortgage Calculator

MortgageCalculatoriconThere are so many apps that are beneficial to the real estate industry. One that we found is The Mortgage Payment Calculator App, the best part about it is it’s free! This app is effective because it allows you to show the buyer what their monthly mortgage payments will look like. Head on over to the App Store and let’s get started! The Mortgage Payment Calculator we’re talking about has a little green house on it. Once you’ve downloaded it we can begin.

1. Tap on the icon to open it up

2. The variables are located on the left hand side and can be adjusted

3. By simply tapping the line you can input the Purchase Price. Instead of tapping the line you can also use your Tab key on your Keyboard. The same process is done for the following variables as well: Down payment, Interest Rate, Amorization Rate, Property Tax ,PMI, and HOA. You may also factor in other expenses like Insurance

4. Once you press tab and the Calculator works its magic. It will display the amount before extra expense and the amount after the expenses

5. You have the ability to change your variable amounts (down payment, interest rate, amorization rate, ect.) and it will recalculate the monthly payment depending on each change


Sharing the information is simple as well, if the buyer is not with you a Snapshot of your screen can be sent via e-mail:

1. To take a Snapshot: Simply Press your Home button on the front of the  screen and press your Power button on the side of your IPad at the same time- you will see a Flash.

2. Once you’ve captured the image the screen shot will be in your Photo Roll.

3. Tap your Photo App and find the Mortgage Calculator screen shot you just took.

4. To make any changes tap Edit.

5. When you are satisfied with your image Tap the Share icon in the upper right corner of screen.

6. It will give you several options to share such as Email, Facebook, etc.

7. To Email- Tap Mail and a window will open.

8. Enter in the buyers e-mail address and hit send!


To find some other helpful apps and how to use them check out Agent Rising for all of our iPad tutorials!



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