App Store

appstoreThe App Store is your one stop shop for all your essentials!

Before we can start make sure that you have set up an iTunes account or have an apple id so your purchases can be made (This is usually prompted when you first set up your iPad).


Let’s get started!

1. Find your App Store App on your Home Screen -Tap on it.

2. Tap in Search box in upper right corner and Type in App you are interested in.

3. For more information tap on the App icon.

4. There will be a description of the App along with the price and user reviews. Take some time reading a few reviews to make sure that this is the App for you! But always remember many Apps are free but there are upgraded versions with more features that they will charge you for.

5. If this is the App for you tap on Install.

6. You will need to type in your User name and Password on your Apple account before it installs. This is a standard prompt and will be asked even if

the App is free.

7. It usually takes a minute or two, be patient we’re almost there!

8. Once installed, you can open it and begin to use it.

9. Or go back to the search and type in another app you would like to install.

Now that you can navigate the App Store like a pro be sure to check out Agent Rising for App recommendations and tutorials!



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