Photos & Videos

Untitled-61. Your IPad is equipped with a 5 megapixel camera.

2. First Tap Camera app, then hold IPad and focus on your subject- make sure the camera is unobstructed.

3. Tap Camera icon to take picture.

4. Volume up and down button on side will also take picture if you are in the Camera app.

5. To Switch Camera to Video camera, slide the slider in lower right hand corner to video camera. A red button will appear on the right. Tap to start recording. Tap to stop. The red light will blink while you are recording.

6. This will record video and audio.

7. Videos and Photos will appear on the bottom of the screen.

8. The IPad has a front and back camera.

9. Tap the Camera icon to take pictures of yourself or tap again to switch to front Camera to take pictures and videos of others.

10. The photos are stored on your home screen in the photo app.

11. Tap on the Photo App and your videos and Photos are stored here.

12. Tap on the photo to open and view. Tap on the top right of the photo to open up more options such as sharing, editing, slideshow, and deleting.

Screen Capturing is a great way to share information with others. It’s simple too! Here’s how it’s done:

1. Hold the Home button on the front of your IPad and push the Power button on the edge of your iPad or iPhone at the same time and you will see a flash.

2. This will capture the image you had on your screen and store it in your Photos.

3. Go to your home screen and tap on your photo app- the screen capture will be there as a Photo.

4. You can then share the photo any way you’d like such as e-mail or Facebook.

(Screen Capturing comes in handy with Apps like The Mortgage Payment Calculator)

Taking photos and videos with your iPad is easy and quick but there might be times when a more professional photo or video is needed. Contact Beyond Bold Media to help you with all your  professional  design needs.



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