Untitled-9This is a great tool to download and read online books as well as a way to open documents. How to create and Import a Property into iBooks.

The first 6 steps are to be completed on your laptop:

1. Create a Search. Find properties you want to include to print to PDF on your laptop.

2. Find the Print icon and click on it

3. Select Print to all properties.

4. A window will open with page setup. Click ok. Do Not click print when the second window opens

5. Go to PDF option and save to as a PDF - Choose a file Name - Then you can save to desktop

6. Open up your email window and attach PDF Buyer tour - email it to yourself - The next half will be completed on your iPAD

7. Open your iPAD and go to email inbox and find the e-mail you have just sent.

8. Open it up and tap on the file and download it.

9. Hold your finger on the email attachment file and a window will open - tap - open in iBooks - the file will now appear in iBooks - To be more organized you can sort your buyer tools in iBooks

10.Tap on Collections in upper left corner

11.You can create a new collection (name of your choice) or put in a collection you already have

12.Tap on edit in upper right hand corner and tap on Buyer Tour or Book you want to move

13.Tap on Move in upper left and tap on Buyer Tour or Book you want to move and it goes into the collection you chose

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