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Untitled-2This is basically Google’s version of Facebook. However, there are some perks that Facebook doesn’t offer. Google+ allows you to organize your friends, colleagues, and buyers in to circles. You can then monitor what information you post can be seen by each circle. Let’s get started!

1. If you have already have a google account go ahead and sign in. If not head on over to google and sign up!

2. Make sure that you have created your profile - Click on the profile page and enter in your desired information

3. The circle interface is split into two sections; the top - section lists all contacts from your Gmail address book, and the bottom section contains the circles

4. Pre-designed circles include: friends, family, acquaintances etc. - You can also make up your own circles. To do this,  drag a contact onto the empty circle and click on the Create Circle link. Then add a description of  the circle, press the create button and that’s it.

5. To add contacts: - Simply dragging the contact’s card to the circle  you’d like to place them in. - You can also remove it from the circle by dragging it out.

6. A contact is allowed to be included in more than one circle

7. To view the contacts in the circle, simply hover over the circle and you will see who is in the circle. If you have more than a dozen contacts in the  circle, click on the circle to see a list of contacts.

8. Adding people who are not in your address book is simple too Click on the find people search box - The find people option also gives you other places to find people you want to add to your circles

9. Once your circles are created you can edit the privacy level for each one - You can create your own privacy level by selecting  custom

To learn more about the different features that Google+ has to offer be sure to check out for more helpful tips!



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