facebookFacebook is great tool to use to stay in touch with family and friends, but it’s also a great tool to help build your business and help you network! You can access Facebook through your computer, mobile device, and tablet.

Getting Started:

If you haven’t already go to www.facebook.com to begin the sign-up process. Simply enter all your information and click the green sign-up button -Or-You can begin your sign up process by creating a page! Click Create a Page and pick the one best suited to your needs. Fill out the appropriate information and once accepted it will prompt you to create your own Facebook account to manage the page! Before we start searching for friends let’s take a moment to address account settings and privacy settings. Both are very important.

Account Settings

To access your account settings look for the small gear icon on the left of your page

Drop down the menu and choose Account Settings. You will be brought to the General Account Settings Page. Here you can change your name, primary e-mail address, password, and your networks. On the left there is a list of the other account settings you can choose from such as Security, Privacy, and Mobile. Let’s take a moment to go over each one:
  • Security- Under this tab you can change your Security Question, Secure Browsing, Login Notifications, or Login Approvals. Basically tailoring your level of security to what you see fit.
  • Privacy- This tab is where you will go to set-up who can see your posts and search for you. This is important if you don’t want the public to have access to your personal page.
  • Timeline and Tagging- This is very similar to the privacy settings page but focused more on who can post to your timeline and tag you in posts/pictures.
  • Blocking- Under this tab you can block certain users or restrict friends from seeing certain posts. You can also block app and invite requests if you find them to be bothersome.
  • Notifications- Here you can choose how and what you get notified for.
  • Mobile- allows you to link your phone to your Facebook account.

Setting your Profile Picture and Cover Photo

Your profile picture and cover photo can be any picture of your choosing. It’s a way to not only personalize your page but jazz it up a bit!
  • Click your name on the top of the right hand side to be brought to your public page.
  • Hover over your profile picture which will be located on the left.
  • You will have several options to choose from: Choose from Photos, Take a Picture, Upload Photo, Edit Thumbnail or Remove.
Let’s start with Upload Photo: If you are a laptop your photo folder will open, find the picture that you like and click open. Facebook will then give you the option to Crop it. When you are happy with the photo click done and there you have it! A brand new Profile Picture. If you are on an iPad or iPhone your camera roll will open and you will repeat the same steps

Choosing from your photos will present you with all the photos that you are tagged in
  • Once you find a photo you enjoy click it and the process will be the same as above
  • If someone Tags you in a picture you also have the option of making it your profile picture as well!
  • When viewing the picture click the Make Profile Picture option in the bottom right hand corner
  • The process is the same as above
Changing your Cover Photo will be a similar process, you can choose from your photos or upload one
  • You also have the option of repositioning the photo so that it fits just right!
If you are creating a page for a Business the folks at Beyond Bold Media can help you create the perfect cover photo! Once your settings are to your liking and your page is set up you can start finding friends, family, and co-workers!

Go to the Search bar on top of your news feed and enter in the name or e-mail of the friend you are trying to locate. When you find your friend on the list click on their name to be taken to their page. Once there click ‘Add as Friend. Once your friend has accepted your request Facebook will notify you

Creating Friend Lists

To help you organize your groups of friends Facebook has introduced Friend Lists. It’s a completely optional feature that allows you to group your friends into categories of your choosing. With this feature you will be able to view updates from your ‘list’ or group at a time rather than having to scour through your newsfeed! Go to your Home tab on your profile page.
  • On the left-hand side you will find your filters
  • Clicking on one will change the content on your news feed
Find the filter entitled friends
  • Hover over ‘friends’ then click more when it appears on the right
Choose Create List
  • Create a title for this particular group you are creating
Start typing in your friends name to find them
  • Select them to add them to the list
Continue adding your friends until your list is complete

You can always go back in and edit your lists at a later time. You can add or remove friends or delete the entire list. These options are located on the top right hand side of the list.

Posting Updates

Facebook is great for sharing life events, pictures, networking, and business marketing. There are a number of different ways you can utilize updates. Let’s start with the personal approach first.

When you sign in to Facebook there will be you will be greeted by a textbox in the center of your newsfeed. It will ask you “What’s on your mind?”

Tell Facebook what’s on your mind!
  • Within your Status Update you have the ability to tag friends, add a location, a photo or now even emoticons!
An example would be: At the Agent Rising office with Jane Doe! - J Feeling Happy You can use the friends icon to tag your friends or simply type the ‘@’ symbol before their name. Instead of a text status you can also post a photo or an album right from your status box

Choose Add Photos/Video
  • Choose upload photo/video or Create an album
  • The open dialogue box will appear and you can choose the file you wish to share
  • Once the photo is uploaded you have the option to say something about is as well as tag friends, add a location, and emoticons.
There is also an option that lets you choose who cans see your updates. To the left of the post button there is a drop down menu that will allow you to filter who sees what. Your options include Public, Friends, Only Me, Custom, and your lists.



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