RSS Button

rssbutton1. To log into Wordpress, to go what your web address is and add wp-admin to the end. Enter your username and password to log in and access your control panel.

2.  In your dashboard on the left, click on the arrow beside “POSTS” to show the submenu.   - Click on “Add New Post to create a new blog post.

3.  Type in the title of your blog post.  Make it keyword rich and catchy.

4. Type in your blog post in the editor area.

5.  Add an image by clicking on the rectangle immediately to the right of the Upload/Insert. Select either from computer or media library( if it has already been saved)

6. Choose left for where to put image and make it thumbnail or determine what your “look” is going to be.

7. On the right hand side, select 6 or so tags.  Tags are keywords that are specific to that post.  You can select from the most used or add keywords from your blog post.  Include your name.  This is where you will get picked up by the google search engine, so be laser focused.

8.  Select the sharing you want to share with .  Pick the ones that you do want to share!

9. Once you have finished, click the blue “Publish” button to save and publish your blog post.

10. You will see a little yellow box showing that your blog post has been successfully saved and published.

11. To see what your post looks like on your site, Right Click on the blue “View Post” link and select “Open Link in New Tab”.  Click on the new tab to see your new post on the designated blogging page of your site.

12. Congratulations!  Your blog post has been published.  Make sure to share with facebook, twitter, linked in, etc.

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