videoliciousVideolicious-The name says it all!

Videolicious is a great App for Realtors as well as anyone who would like to make an easy, professional slide show video to share with all the social media or simply family and friends.

Simply download the free App and you are ready to go.  Once you have downloaded and installed the App, it will prompt you to start an account.  You can do that now or continue on and do that later.

1. First choose your shots. If you are unsure how to proceed, there is a little cap in the bottom right corner which will give you more info.
  • Tap on choose shots, your camera roll will come up, tap it and choose the pictures you would like to use. It will order them as you pick them. If you are unhappy with the order, simply untap the pictures and change the order.
  • You can also hit the camera icon in the lower left corner and take new pictures to add to your camera roll to use in your video. Once you have chosen the shots you would like to use, you can hit edit and tap on the photo you would like to edit. You can change the position with your fingers and hit save.  You can edit any picture or simply   them as is.
2. Telling your story. Press record, then tap on the thumbnail to narrate over your shots.  You can tap on your face to switch back to you after your last shot and end with a shot of yourself.  You can also just record a voiceover or import a previously recorded story.  Once again tap on the right lower cap for more info.
  • If you don’t want to add a story, simply press skip in the upper right corner.
3. Choose your music. You can choose theme music from:
  • Videolicious or songs already on your ipad.
  • Now press the play icon and see and hear your video slideshow. It’s that easy. You can also play around with the filter button in the lower right corner for different lighting to your slideshow.  If you like it save it, if not, go back and change any part.
4. Set the video size.

5. Name your video and then it will give you options to email it, share it with facebook, youtube, and twitter.
  • Make sure you hit save in the upper right hand corner. It will process the video.
  • The next screen will allow you to share it.
The free app will give you a 1 minute video with 10 shots and you can store up to 20 videos.  If you want to upgrade to the business app, it is $5 a month or $60 for the year and you can do up to a 10 minute video with 100 shots and 100 video storage.  You can also add your logo and have unbranded video pages and commercial music library.

Whether you are making a slideshow of a house you are listing to share on your facebook business pages or youtube or twitter or simply making a video of your family to share with family and friends, Videolicious offers a very easy, quick way to make a quality video which  looks very professional and can literally be accomplished in 15 minutes.  Check it out!



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