Strive For Clarity

assumeYou know how that saying ends and it doesn't end well. Everyone makes assumptions
and often it isn't a big deal. But, when you make an assumption in business it can be

It might be a simple assumption. You don't give a young friend your business card because
you assume they aren't in a financial position to buy a home yet. The next thing you know they
are hosting a moving party and you're invited. Oops! You lost that sale. That hurts you a lot,
but you haven't cost them anything. What if you were their agent, and you assumed that they
wouldn't be interested in a certain style of home, a certain area in your region or a property
with a rental apartment. You might still find them a home, but they may have been thrilled with
another option if you had presented it to them. That assumption could hurt you in the future if
they realize that there were more possibilities out there that they missed. Of course, there are also
some really big assumptions that end up costing you or your client money and perhaps, the sale.
Maybe you assume that the smoke detectors are correctly placed without checking, or you assume
that the lender will extend a deadline, without getting the extension in writing. Now your assumption
has created a real problem and it is your responsibility to fix it. You will learn from your mistake, but
wouldn't you rather not make it to begin with? The key is to check in with yourself every now and then and ask, "Do I know that, or am I assuming that is
the case?" If you do that on a regular basis you will save yourself a lot of grief in the long run.

Head off your assumptions
After meeting with a client, or just at certain points in your day, take a step back and review what was said or done. Did you make any assumptions? Do you
need to clarify or confirm anything before moving on? If you did, or if more information is needed to be sure, a simple phone call, text or email can probably
clear it up. Take care of it now before it escalates!



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