SCANNING has become a staple in Paperless Transactions. You can scan your documents into your file/folders on Evernote, Google Drive, dropbox, box, or your computer file. This way, you will have your document at your fingertips. We have utilized two major forms of scanning.

1. We invested in a dedicated scanner for the office, which scans multiple pages in PDF or JPG forms. It also allows us to name the folders, and determine file size. We chose an Epson and have been very happy with it.

2. We downloaded scanner application “app” from App Store on our iPad and iPhone. This way, we can scan from virtually anywhere.


The apps I tested were: CamScanner (allows merge documents)

Scan Pages (lets you combine multiple pages)

Genius Scan (allows Wifi sharing)

They all work great, and are free. There are upgrades to pay for, but we do not see the need. Personally, this has come in handy for banking, kid’s homework, and so much more.

Cam Scanner is a great free App which uses your camera on your iPad to take a picture of a document, receipt, etc. It allows you to crop and edit the document and file it in various categories, such as contract, book, slides, invoice, etc. It is a great tool to send a document, if you do not have access to a conventional scanner. Everything can be done right on your iPad.


First, tap on Cam Scanner to open.

If you tap on the Camera Icon, the camera will allow you to take a picture of your document. You can tap the grid icon to either have the grid present on your screen to help you align the picture or tap it again to remove the grid.

Tap Done after you take your picture. A new folder will appear, tap it to see the picture or pictures you just took of your document

Tap on the document to open it and edit it. You can use the artist palette to add color or write on it. Hit the trash on the left to erase what you did and start again.

Tap on the Button Reprocess, in the right hand top corner. Now, you can crop it or change the orientation.

Tap Next, it will brighten the color. You can also use the bar on the left to change the color to black and white or grayscale. Magic Color brightens it and makes it easy to read.

Tap Save and it is now Saved.

You can also tap the Icon near the Camera to use pictures already on your camera roll. You can Share, Email, or Open it in another program. You can also tap Property and rename it or Tag it. It is a great App to easily scan a document or receipt in and quickly email it to someone when you’re not at the office to use a conventional scanner.



Download a scanning app, and get scanning! Practice putting your documents into folders to sort, and create a clear path to your cloud. Practice makes Perfect!



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