Start Your Career In Real Estate!

You have chosen to be a real estate professional. This is a career, not a job. You will be successful in this career if you invest in yourself - your time, your energy, your focus and your money.

Your Time - the next three months are critical but a long term business perspective will bring you the most success - time spent now on lead generation will come back to you many times over in the future.

Your Energy - you need to believe in you and practice that belief every day. Take a look from the outside are you excited and energized to be on the road to success? Do you "appear" ready to go?

Your Focus - make a plan for each day and work that plan. Review your progress each week and adjust if necessary. The details do make a difference done well, they will lead to success.

Your Money - you need to invest some money now to make more money later. You need professional clothing and the technological tools of your profession. Remember~ you get one first impression!

Invest in yourself, you are worth it!

Review your professional wardrobe - upgrade if necessary. If your finances are limited, consider checking at second hand stores or Salvation Army. They are a great resource for suits! Recognize also that most people will not be seeing you every day, so one good outfit can go a long way!

Review your tech tools - at a minimum you need a smart phone - we recommend going as paperless as possible, by using an ipad or similar tool. Many offices may provide loaners~ does yours?

Order business cards -with your photo and business contact information. Give out liberally!

Buy distinctive notecards - show your personality. People rarely throw out a hand written note!

Create a database of all of your friends, family, business and casual relationships - don't forget your electrician, plumber or dog walker.

Do something fun or rewarding every day to keep your energy up - a happy, healthy professional will be a successful professional!



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