Care About Your Community!

Community2Underneath it all, real estate is about relationships and about people believing that you care about them and will do well by them.  What better way to show that then to be involved in your community, allowing people to see that for themselves.  Then, when they come to you about a real estate issue or transaction, they already see you as a caring, involved individual who just happens to be a real estate professional.

It truly doesn't matter what you choose to be involved in.  You can coach a team, sit on a committee, volunteer at a school, or read to the blind.  What matters is that your neighbors and co-volunteers get to know you and believe in you.

The best part is that getting involved in your community not only makes good business sense, it also makes good personal sense.  Giving of yourself without expectations will make you happier and healthier.  It truly will!  When you help others you really are helping yourself as well. Try it and see!
Get involved! You may have an interest or hobby that you can teach to others.  You may have a talent for accounting or designing websites that you can offer to a local non- profit in need. You may love to rise early, so you could serve breakfast at a church to those in need. Take some time to investigate what might work with your talents and available time and then dive in!  There are even websites that match volunteers to positions.  Start small, don't overwhelm yourself, but start. You will be glad that you did!



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