Seize The Moment

seizethemomentIf you are a new real estate agent, an average producing agent in a large office, or simply an introvert at heart, it is important for you to find your moments to shine.  Even though you may not feel comfortable in the spotlight, for both your personal and professional life, you shouldn't avoid it altogether.

A single  moment, whether in front of your extended family, your professional peers, or members of your community, can project an image that reaches further than a 1,000 piece mailing campaign.
You could start by volunteering to lead the Pledge of Allegiance at the next Realtor function.  It really is fairly simple to stand tall at the front of a room, ask people to stand and face the flag, put your hand over your heart and say "I pledge.." before the whole room joins in and recites the pledge with you. What has this moment in the spotlight accomplished?  By volunteering, you are showing your support and commitment to your trade association.  By standing at the front of the room, those who don't know you now have a face to put with a name.  By dressing well, standing tall, and speaking two words in a clear confident voice, you are seen as a professional agent and a proud American.  Wow!
Find some moments in the spotlight Look at your day, your week, your month.  Find events in your calendar which could give you a moment in the spotlight, figure out what that moment could be at that event and go for it!



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