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Agent Rising on Website Development

Creating an online presence is critical way to get your brand into the world. Developing and more importantly managing a successful website, social media and online marketing is the key to getting yourself found on Google and making your business successful! There are two important key factors when posting to your website. First, utilizing search engine optimization to ensure your posts are loaded with keywords to get your website found on Google. Second, content is king! The more content and blogging or posting you do on your website, the better your chances are of getting found on the first page of Google. Statistically people do not search beyond the first page, so if you are not found on page one, your site could be lost!


At Agent Rising, we are here to help your business be as successful as possible. Our dedicated team works with you from start to finish creating your website, logo, etc. to managing your online marketing and social media. Through Google Alerts we can customize to any industry and tailor posts to be related to your business. For example, posting for a real estate office would include community events, National trends and company specific posts. Restaurant posts would consist of weekly specials, area events and foodie blog posts.


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