Marketing With Videos!

agent rising teaches video
Videos are a powerful way to market to your audience, and the possibilities are endless! You can create a video to market a specific property, highlight a happy customer or share information. But it seems that most people shy away from videos, whether it be fear of the unknown or it's possible they're camera shy. So we did some research and came up with great tips on how to start creating videos.
1. Define your audience- before you even pick up the camera and begin filming you need to decide who you want to reach.
2. Define your goal-decide what message you are trying to get across to your audience and how.

3. Pick a topic that has done well in a different format and convert that into a video!- Can't think of anything new for a video? Use something you've already created, such as a video for a blog post that's already been written.
4. Record yourself reading your script- Use your phone or whatever tool you have and practice!
5. Embed your video into your blog, website or share the link on your social networks- Share with your target audience and look for feedback.
For more information on the camera feature on your phone check out Agent Rising Scorecards!



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