Going Paperless- New Trend in Real Estate!

With our fast paced lives and busy schedules going paperless makes an agents life even easier! Pulling up important forms and documents on your iPad, getting an electronic signature on the spot and making sure everything is uploaded to your Google Drive will help you stay organized and make your more time efficient!

Teaching agents to go paperless can be challenging today; with busy schedules and experienced agents some people may not have the time or might not want to change their ways. A lot of people find it difficult to transition into the paperless world and like to have a hard copy of everything.

According to Anita Head, president of Paragon Real Estate, "people will adopt anything if it's going to help them be more efficient, achieve a better quality of life and enhance their business."
Apps like Docusign Ink, Genius Scan and Evernote can make life on the road for Realtors even easier. These apps allow you to obtain a mobile signature, scan and send important documents and take notes from any location.
While it may take some time for people to get comfortable using new technology, it will be beneficial in the long run.
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