Stay Up To Date on Technology!

DocuSign-Ink copy

Technology is ever changing, as a Realtor you can significantly increase your value and put you a step ahead of the rest. Our buyers are more tech-savvy than every before and you need to make sure you are keeping up with the latest trends.
According to Curt Beardsley, Vice President of Product Marketing for, “Mobile is helping change consumer expectations; smartphones are the backbone of our daily media use and should be the starting point for designing consumer experiences with clients.”
At Agent Rising we understand this new trend and have found the best apps for you to use to make you as successful as possible. Docusign is a great example of a new mobile app that can save you time and impress your tech-savvy clients! This app allows you to obtain a signature right on the spot on your iPad!
Download docusign today and begin utilizing this great app for mobile signatures. View our scorecard on Agent Rising for additional information on how to use the app!



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