Introducing Instagram Video!

How to utilize Instagram's new video feature...
This week the popular smart phone and ipad app Instagram launched a new video feature.
This latest update allows users to create a video up to 15 seconds while still being able to
utilize the filter tools.
“The real estate community has had a colorful presence among the photos in the Instagram
community, many of whom create large followings, close deals, lead generate and connect
with other local residents,” states Inman News.
This will be a great feature for real estate agents, the video feature is opening up more
opportunities to showcase properties and communities you are working with. This is also a
great chance to utilize social media to set yourself apart from your competitors. Agents will
be able to showcase their creative marketing and unique style by adding videos to Instagram.
To use the app go to the home screen on Instagram, and click on the video icon. To record
the video, press and hold the record button, the video will only record while you are holding
down the button. You have the option to do a 15 second steady video or break the video up into
sections. Once finished click next, you will have the option to add filters and preview the video
before publishing. Once you are finished you can now share your video!
Download it now and start using, let us know what you think!



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