Turning Lemons into Lemonade

lemonsNo matter how successful some of your peers in the business appear to be, in truth they either have faced or are still facing some of the same hurdles you are. They don't have answers right at their finger tips all the time.  They have had deals fall through at the last minute.  They don't always get the listing or find the right home for their buyer. So, why are they so successful? They face adversity head on and either simply learn from it or actually turn it into an opportunity. So, what is your hurdle today? Did the dog get sick and you had to reschedule an appointment?  See if you can post a business card on the vet's bulletin board or leave some marketing information with the magazines in the waiting area. Is your client refusing to lower the price on their home which you know is overpriced?Tune your market analysis skills, so that next time you will be better able to price it right from the start. Did you lose your cell phone with all of your contact information?  Make the time to find out the best way to back up all of your crucial data and information, so you can easily recover it next time.ACTION

Head off a hardship think about one real or potential hardship that could derail you in the future, either for an hour, a day or longer.  What is something that you can do today to head it off?  Make a list of possible solutions.  Evaluate which ones are realistic for you to tackle now and do them.  Tackling these hurdles proactively, gives you an advantage both mentally and realistically.



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